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Cascade Chiropractic Team

Ashley Lauing

Ashley, staff memeber at Cascade Chiropractic in Hot SpringsI was about 2 months pregnant when I began seeing Dr. DeBoer for frequent and severe headaches and middle back pain. I made regular appointments through out my pregnancy and continued getting adjustments until the day before I delivered my daughter with out the assistance of drugs. It was after having a natural easy labor and delivery that I realized how effective chiropractic care is. Since then my family has been getting adjusted regularly and living life to the fullest.

I came to work for Dr. DeBoer in June of 2011 as a chiropractic assistant and I have been the office manager since July of 2013. I am licensed by the State of South Dakota as a Chiropractic Assistant and Chiropractic Radiographer. I also have a degree in Business Administration with options in Economics and Finance from Chadron State College. I look forward to helping serve you during your visits to our office.

Kellee Walton

Kellee, staff member at Cascade Chiropractic, Hot Springs Chiropractic officeI started seeing Dr. DeBoer in 2008. About five months after moving to Hot Springs from Colorado. I had started receiving chiropractic care about 3 years earlier due to frequent back spasms. At the time I was in mixed martial arts and did not want to have to stop due to back pain. It helped quite a bit and have come to realize that if I get adjusted regularly I can keep the pain at bay for long periods of time and it does not get as bad. That is why I also started to have my family get regular adjustments. I want them to always feel their best.

Since working at Cascade Chiropractic I have pushed myself to become even healthier in my life with diet and exercise. I have done two sprint triathlons and am currently training for a half marathon. I also enjoy snowboarding, waking boarding, fishing, camping, cooking, and hanging out with family and friends.

I started working at Cascade Chiropractic with Dr. DeBoer in July of 2013. I am the front desk tech and am a licensed Chiropractic Assistant through the State of South Dakota. I also have 18 years of customer service experience and look forward to helping make sure you have the best experience in our office during your visit.

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