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Your First Visit to Our Hot Springs Practice

You can always expect to be greeted with a smile at Cascade Chiropractic!

Front desk of Cascade Chiropractic, Hot Springs Chiropractic office

You will be warmly welcomed and made to feel at home. Help is on it’s way!

When you arrive at our office for your initial visit you will be greeted at the front desk by Becky or Kellee. They will be your information source and guide as you begin your chiropractic experience.

You will first need to do some paperwork for us and we will need to get a copy of your insurance card should you have it and a copy of your photo ID. We will work to verify your insurance benefits immediately. Upon completing your paperwork you will then move into the exam.

Dr. DeBoer will take special care to identify your specific needs and goals with your care and help to define what is wrong and how chiropractic can help. Your exam may include nervous system scans and or x-ray analysis along with a thorough chiropractic and hands on evaluation. If you are suffering with extreme symptoms, care may begin immediately. Either way following the examination you will be scheduled for a doctors report which will allow the doctor to evaluate the results of your tests and come up with some ideas that are specifically designed for you. Upon completion of your initial visit you will check out with the front desk. Payment including co-payments and or coinsurance for the first visit will be expected at the time of service.

Take a look to see what to expect during your second visit.